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wireless controller from 09.21.11 to via intermediate 09.21.18, do the APs need to be upgraded

When upgrading wireless controller from 09.21.11 to using intermediate version 09.21.18, do the AP's need to be upgraded in both intermediate and final version of code.

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Hi Rod,

It's a .... No

Ron thanks for the prompt reply

Bit of controversial here , I have been advised , that for safety , I need to upgrade the AP's as I upgrade the controllers.. So basically move all the aps's ( 800 plus ) to ha controller .
Upgrade original , move aps back so they upgrade to 9.21.18 .. then on the now emply controller upgrade to 9.21.18 , upgrade to 10.41. X then move the AP's back , which will upgrade them , now aps are all at 10.41 ... finally upgrade original controller , and move AP's to the correct c5210 unit..

Phew !!! that took a bit of typing ..

Or basically move aps to HA pair , upgrade to 10.41 , move aps back , forcing ap upgrade , upgrade other controller to 10.41 and then move the AP's to the correct controller ..Less to type so therefore this should be a faster option ..

I need to be a sure as upgrades are possible that minimum disruption and minimum risk , henc ewht I have already been advised to take the long route for the upgrade.
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minimum disruption and minimum risk = no upgrade 🙂

It don't see why a direct upgrade shouldn't work.... if you get a new AP from Extreme that AP has also a old software on it and you'd connect the AP to the newest controller software (in case the AP is supported on the controller).

Anyhow just do the 2 step upgrade and get more overtime hours if that makes everyone happy 🙂
Ron LOL I agree with the first statement.

As for the last, the customer wants this done over the "after the christmas break" as hopefully there will be few users here at the Uni, also no OT as its "in hours" sad as I could do with the cash to pay for the kids presents.

Again thanks for the prompt relpy 🙂