Wireless Controller Load Groups in paired mode not shown on backup controller?

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Our customer uses 2 WS-C5110 WLAN Controllers running in paired mode. On the primarey WLAN controller are all AP's homed. No accesspoint on the backup WLAN controller.

The customer created his own "Radio Preferences" in "Load Groups" on the primary controller.

On the backup controller there is nothing to see in that selection, should this be in that way or should it be vieweable on the backup also?

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Home and Foreign controllers have independently configured loadgroups

Fast Failover does not synchronize Load Groups. It is possible to configure groups with same name on both home and foreign controllers

WLANS that are assigned to the Load Group should be Synced between Controllers

AP continue to load balance when failed over to Foreign Controller, AP will report Load Balance Stats to Foreign Controller

Reference: https://gtacknowledge.extremenetworks.com/articles/Q_A/Can-Load-Groups-Or-Band-Preference-Groups-Be-...