wireless speed issues with AP3821i

  • 18 July 2020
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Having strange issue with using the AP3825i.  We currently have 650 Mbps download and for some reason non of the clients can get speeds above 320 Mbps when testing.

I see no issues when they connect to ubiquiti unifi and consistently get speeds over 500 Mbps.

Any ideas what settings I can play with? Currently connecting on 5Ghz AC with 80Mhz.


1 reply

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We currently have 650 Mbps download


Do you mean data rate ?!


Please post a screenshot of the radio#1 settings window (+ the advanced radio#1 window) of the AP and tell us the model of the other vendor.



Also please specify the SSID configuration parameters.




BTW: 80MHz only makes sense in certain scenarios