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Wireless - SSID grey'ed out ?


I have an issue where under the access points, if I want to add an SSID to be broadcasted from an AP - it is grey'ed out.

Previously, it would be clickable, but after a page refresh, it would revert back to being unclicked. So we upgraded the V2110 (v.9.15) and migrated it to Hyper-V.

Now the option to enable an SSID on an AP is grey'ed out ? any reasons for this ?

*the SSID and AP are not part of a SITE, nor are the default configuration templates imposed.

thanks !

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Is the AP in a load group?
Are all the components (vns, wireless service etc) enabled?

Hi Gareth,

Yes they are - based on their physical locations.
Yes again - these are APs that are deployed over a large site, where only some of them do not want to enable a certain SSID over radio 2 for example, or for that matter, disable it.

Just curious as to the reason behind this, could it be the fact that the load-group overrides it ? But then, why can't I enable/disable the SSID on the AP - or am I missing something ?

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Hi Dewald

Yes the load group over-rides selection of wlan service via the AP wlan assignement tab of the GUI.

See: https://gtacknowledge.extremenetworks.com/articles/Solution/Trying-to-remove-a-WLAN-service-from-a-radio-but-the-check-box-is-grayed-out

Thanks Gareth !