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Wireless Statistics show a lot of Errors and Failures

  • 22 March 2019
  • 6 replies


I need some help interpreting the output of the Wireless Statistics.
We see a lot of generic "Errors" "ACK Failure" "Retry Count" and I have no clue, what could cause them. In general the clients have connectivity to the Wifi but sometimes they don´t get any data across the link. We see that they sometimes have a loss when doing a ping. I´m not quite shure where to start here.

Thanks in advance!

6 replies

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Hi Paul.

could you please provide the controller model, AP model, software version.
If you click on the AP in the AP overview you get the window with the client/noise,/channel util - could you please post a screenshot of it for this AP.

Hi Ron,

of course sorry I forgot.

Manufacturing Information

Manufacturing ID (Serial Number): 1551P-70028
BIOS Version: 5.6.5
Hardware Revision: 01
Software Version:
Model: C35
CPU Type: Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU C2718 @ 1.99GHz
CPU Frequency (MHz): 2000.081
Number of CPUs: 8
Total Memory: 4036896 KB
HW Encryption Support: Yes

CLI # show ap version
Serial: 16050004085J0000 Version:

Thank you and best regards
CLI # show ap_inventory
Serial: 15430817085H0000

Desc: TKP1 Kabel 2 auf Port 9

Location: P-Halle

Role: Access Point


Hardware: Wireless AP3805i Internal
Port: esa0

Wired MAC: D8:84:66:31:CE:D6

Poll Timeout: 15

Poll Interval: 3

Persistent: off

LBS status: enabled

Power/LAN: Normal
Config Override

Tunnel MTU: 1500

Broadcast Dissoc: off
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And the screenshot please - that could sometimes tell you a lot.
Here a very bad example, channel util on radio 1 on max which could result in a lot of errors.

Hi Ron,

here it is.

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Hi Paul,

There is a "Channel Inspector" in Reports, could you please take a look over there?
If the AP is not loaded with clients, it might be due to amount of SSIDs or other interferences on the same channel or adjacent ones. This could be another thing to look at.

Kind regards,