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Wireless WS-AP3710e has Poor Signal Strength with one 2.4GHz Antenna Connection

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IdentiFi Wireless Controller; models C20, C25, C4110, C5110, C5210, V2110; firmware through,,
Wireless Access Point; model AP3710e

Attached an external antenna to the AP's 2.4 Ghz Radio2 (three RSMA connectors designated left/middle/right).
Used only the left or right antenna jack for external antenna connection (by design losing MIMO capability).
Installed only a 50-ohm terminator into the right or left antenna jack.

During initial configuration, specified the (left/right) antenna jacks that are being used for installed antennas.

The 2.4Ghz radio has very low signal strength.
The AP has no attached wireless clients for that radio.

For Radio2, internal left/right antenna wiring may be reversed.

Affected AP3710e units should be upgraded to firmware or higher, which logically swaps Radio2's left<->right connections.
If this does not resolve the issue, then please contact the GTAC for assistance.

    Leaving the configurations as is, swap Radio2's left<->right antenna connections. -or- Leaving the antenna connections as is, swap Radio2's left<->right configurations.

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