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WLAN-Controller Topology-Group Loadsharing

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does anyone know, how the controller treat the end systems, when using a topology group in the VNS?
For example if we have a group with 3 VLANs, will he do round robin?
Haven't found anything in the documentation.

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Have you reviewed The Beast Practice Doc ?
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Hi Chacko

If you are referring to the IdentiFi product these are the algorithms you can select in the global vns section:

• MAC-Based: This algorithm always assigns a client to the same topology within the topology group.
• Round Robin: The list is considered ordered; start at the top of the list. The next assignment is the
next topology on the list; wrap around at the bottom.
• Random Selected: Random number selected from a uniform distribution mod the number of
topologies in the topology group.
• Least Used: Assign a topology in the topology group with the least number of stations assigned to it
at the moment of assignment.

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Hi Chacko

Please note that the controller provides minimum support to use only tunneled topology groups (B@AC, routed).

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