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WLC in HA - client issue

  • 29 January 2019
  • 2 replies

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Good Morning, I have a couple of C35 in HA in 2 different building.
The building is connected with MPLS.
I have same SSID but with diffrent vlanID

Site 1 = SSID = User, Default Topology = User(76)
Site 2 = SSID = User, Default Topology = User(75)

The topology are not routed, so Site1 does not know topology(75) and Site2 does not know Topology(76).

A customer connected to site1 with User(76) need to move to site2 and he want to connect to User(75) but he can't and I see on controller on site1 that customer is alwais connected to site1 and not to site2 ( If I disassociate manually the device, the customer can connect to the site2 )
I hope you understand me

Thanks for your help