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For AP3620 or AP 3825e, customer wants one antenna to be visible, and the AP will be placed inside the false-ceiling. Can we give WS-AI-DX02360? Does it provide dual-radio, with single connection to AP?

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the antenna WS-AI-DX02360 is not certified for the AP36xx series - so you can't use it with this AP model.

You'd use the antenna on the AP3825 BUT it's a six-feed antenna = from the antenna you've 6 cables (already attached to the antenna) that you'd need to connect to the AP.
If you connect only one of the antenna cables to the AP you don't get dual-radio support and also only one rx/tx antenna with one stream.

WS-AI-DX02360 Indoor, 2.4GHz/5GHz, Six-feed, 2/2 dBi, Omni, Ceiling


PS: It would be great if Extreme could provide a detailed phote of every antenna they sell on the web - I haven't found anything for this antenna model....
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Pictures are usually in the antenna guides....