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WS-C4110 compatibility with AS-AP3610 ?


We have an installation in a customer's site with more than 100 AS-AP3610 and two WS-C4110 and they don't have the economic capability to renew it but they still need to maintain it until it is completely EoL, so as an alternative for the support we were thinking about stocking some units of 3610, but as they are EoS we are thinking to make a little stock of 3715ie or 3825ie, as they are indicated as the replacement products. My question is if in cas e 3610 fails and we have to replace it with one of those, the C4110 will be able to handle it and integrate with the rest of the infrastructure.

Thank you for your kind help.


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I don't see a problem to replace a AP36xx with an AP37xx.
You'd need a min. of version 8.31 to support AP37xx.
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as long as you don't update to version 10.xx everything should be fine 🙂. In version 10.xx the 3600 series is no longer supported. Im not sure right now but i think the 3825 series is supported in a late version 09.xx.
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As Philipp has mentioned AP36xx are not supported with firmware 10.xx
AP37xx, AP38xx and AP39xx are supported with firmware version 10.xx