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XMC shows wrong SSID in the wireless tab. EWC shows correct SSID

  • 13 December 2018
  • 8 replies

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I created a Guest Splash for a guest network.
When I connect to that network and check the EWC the SSID is correct. When i check the wireless tab in XMC the SSID is wrong.

What is going wrong

Correct SSID

Wrong SSID

8 replies

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What version is running for EWC and XMC ?
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Is the "Support Desk" another SSID that is configured on the controller?
I'd like to make sure I unterstand the issue and the value is not from another source.
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Versions; EWC and XMC
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The SSID Supportdesk is another SSID on the same controller and advertised through the same AP
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Could you give me the full path to the XMC report so I'd take a look on mine - XMC has a lot of report options and I"d like to check the same as you.
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help me out. What do you mean with full path to the XMC report ?
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Where exactly did you click to see the client report in XMC.
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I choose the tab wireless and than Clients