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AAA Policy fail to ping controller IP

  • 19 August 2019
  • 5 replies


I am using 7532 wing , i have to configure external captive portal . i was configured aaa policy after apply my aaa policy my controller IP is not pinging. anyone have idea about this support me....

5 replies

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Are you saying that after you have applied the AAA policy that you can no longer PING your controller?
(PING from where?)

Thanks for your reply, I have configured Virtual controller that VC act as a master ap. i have created aaa policy in master ap only after i applied aaa policy that master ip is not pining ( vlan 1 ) from the master ap itself
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Okay...so this is a VC and you've setup an onboard AAA policy on the VC.
After you applied the AAA policy, you can no longer PING the IP address (vlan-1) of the VC?
Does this correctly describe what you're seeing?

Where are you trying to PING the VC-AP from?
Can you still log into the VC-AP? (web interface or SSH or console?)

From VC AP itself its not pinging from PUTTY and from ssid connected client end like laptop command prompt also its not pinging .But GUI is still working i can able view the configurations in GUI in VC AP.
SSH and Console also working...
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When you say "its not pinging"...what is NOT pinging? What IP address are you trying to PING? The vlan-1 IP address of the VC AP?

I'm sorry, I'm still not understanding where the failure of the ping response is occurring.