Adoption of AP4620 on a WM3400 fails

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I recently tried to add 20 new AP4620s to my existing WM3400 Controller. All new APs that are attached to the same switch than the Controller (Summit x440 btw) are adopted correctly. APs that are connected to another switch (also Summit x440er Series) are not shown on the controller. IP Addresses are distributed dhcp based (my x440 acts as a server) and all of the APs can be reached via ping from anywhere. I also see them in the ARP table of the master switch.

In my adoption profile I set the Filter to Any (to check if there was a mistake in the filter rule) - still nothing.

So what do I have to configure on my switches that the controller adopts the missing APs?
Is there anything special i have to take care of regarding Multicast?

thanks in advance for info!

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Hi Peter,

This document should give you all the info you need about L2 and L3 adoption.
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perfect - many thanks, managed to resolve the issue!
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Good to know you solved your problem! Thanks for letting us know.