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Adoption Policy

  • 10 May 2019
  • 1 reply

Does anyone have the complete steps for creating an Adoption Policy for an active standby cluster using NX5500 controllers using ver 5.9.2 software with multiple RF domains ?

1 reply

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The quick answer is that the setup process for the auto-provisioning policy in this scenario is no different than any others. Login to the Active controller and create the Policy with the adoption rules. (I don't know of any specific documents though that focus only on walking you through the process of setting this up, step by step)
Is your question instead about HOW to create the individual Rules and then apply them?

This GTAC description starts you off.
After you create the auto-provisioning policy though, with all its rules, you then need to tell the controller to use the policy by assigning the policy to the controller's device profile.
See here