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adoption status comm error

when I do show adoption status on vx9000/wing586 I see "comm error" status for few access points. controller and ap's located in the different places. ap connected in trunk port and have native vlan 10 and trunk allowed 10-13 vlans. DHCP on vlan10 have "option 191 ip_controller;level=2". AP's wich located in the same place as controller doesn't have this trouble
show adoption config-error gives "no configuration error"

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I have seen this error a few times, it is usually attributed to a slow network response from the AP to the controller IE the Controller may be busy handling the adoption of other APs in the network.

Try taking one of the APs and rebooting it and see if that clears the message
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Two issues you might want to check:

  1. Check that no firewalls are blocking UDP port 24576,
  2. Make sure that the MTU between sites is 1500, if not you can lower the mint global MTU setting (mint-policy global-default mtu 900-1500), this affects all sites, to the lowest MTU among all the sites.
Andrew, thanks for answer. I already found the problem. I changed default mint-mtu.