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Air Defense - Licensing Details

Hi all,

we searching for details and documents about AirDefense licenses.
Requirements and so on.



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You have a mix of 5 different license modules.
For the WiPS and Advanced Forensics modules, you have both the dedicated and radio-share sensor versions of the license. Do you have a mixture of dedicated and radio-share sensors? If not, then you only need to pick the version of the license that matches your sensor type (dedicated or radio-share).

All of these, except the CMC (#3), are licensed based on the number of sensors you have. You only need one CMC license. The CMC feature is really only needed though if you have more than 1 Primary AirDefense server. If all you have is a single AirDefense system (with or without a Secondary/Fail-over server, then you do not need this).

AD-SNFL-PA-1 - WiPS Dedicated Sensor license
AD-FLRS-P-100 - WiPS Radio-Share Sensor license (100 licenses)

AD-VASN-P-1 - Wireless Vulnerability Assessment license

AD-CMC-P-1 - Centralized Management Console license

AD-FESN-P-1 - Advanced Forensics (for dedicated sensors) license
AD-FERS-P-1 - Advanced Forensics (for radio-share sensors) license

AD-FLRS-P-1 - WiPS Radio-Share Sensor license (1 license)
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Forgot to mention, any of the licenses that end in -1, this means that it's for a single license. (-100 is for a hundred copies)
Great !! Many Thanks