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ap 6522 with anntena ML-2452-PTA3M3-036

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I have an ap6522 with four connections:
radio 1-0
radio 1-1
radio 2-0
raido 2-1
I have an antenna ML-2452-PTA3M3-036 with three connections.

What is the correct way to connect the antenna with the ap?

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This antenna is for diplexer APs like 7522 or AP7532 with one connector for 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

With a AP6522 you can use it as 2.4GHz (radio1-0/1) or 5GHz (radio2-0/1)
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Ok. Thanks Timo
Although compatible with the AP6522 AP per antenna guide matrix, the better antenna in your situation would be the ML-2452-PTA2M2-036. In regards to the ML-2452-PTA3M3-036 antenna, there doesn't seem to be any preferred way of connecting it to the AP6522, but it has been the norm to use the 1st and 3rd connectors (on the Antenna) to connect to radio 1-0 and radio 1-1 or radio 2-0 and raido 2-1. In previous deployments with a similar situation, one antenna per radio were used, one for the 2.4GHz and one for the 5GHz radio.
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If you use 1 per radio or one radio with 2 the other with 1, make sure to configure the radio as 1:1!

To select the cable/antenna you would connect, check the antenna pattern. Each antenna/cable have different pattern!

There is no use 1 and 3 or 1and 2 or 1 for 2.4GHz and 2 for 5GHz.
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[/code]I understand that in the ap 6522 the Radio 1-0 and 1-1 connections are 2.4GHz and the Radio 2-0 and 2-1 connections are 5GHz. The antenna has 3 cables. Should I connect the first cable of the antenna with the connection 1-0 and the second cable with the connection 2-0? Leaving the center cable unconnected. Should I then change the radio to 1x1? Why?

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Check the antenna pattern, if they working for you, great. Without any knowledge of you installation, I would connect:

And configure radio 1 to 1:1 antenna. You do this to inform the AP about the antenna. You also configure the antenna gain.

Radio 2, 5GHz you use with MIMO and more channels for "better data rate" support.