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AP 7662 Ext

  • 1 August 2019
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The AP 7662 ext has 6 N Connectors. Do all have to be populated with antennas to work?
If not what is the least number of external antennas that can be installed?

Also are all connectors dual-band or some are for 2,4GHz and some for 5GHz?

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3 replies

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Gluo, actually, there should only be a total of 5 Type-N connectors.

The side that has 3 is for 5GHz (the outer 2). The center connector on this side is for the BLE radio.
The other side that has 2 (the center object is just a vent) is for 2.4GHz antennas.

You can certainly use dual-band antennas on all Type-N connections though, but if you don't you want to make sure that you apply the 2.4GHz-only antennas to the 2.4GHz connectors and 5GHz-only antennas to the 5GHz connectors.
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Hi Chris,

Thank you for your detailed answer.

What antenna should be used for the BLE connector?

Also is there an official document describing this?

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With BLE operating in the 2.4GHz frequency range, a 2.4GHz-only antenna would work fine. But even if you connected a dual-band antenna, it would still work. You would just be connecting a more expensive antenna in that case and the 5GHz capability wouldn't be utilized.

The connector and installation of the 7662 should be covered in either the spec sheet and/or an installation guide, available in the documentation section of the website.