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AP antenna orientation

  • 24 July 2017
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I've tried to find a document that descibe the antenna orientation for APs with external antennas but didn't find one so I'd like to know how you do it in your installations.

So how do you orientate the small omni antennas for a AP with 6 antennas like the. AP3825e or with 8 antennas like the AP3935e.

Do you orientate them all in the same direction or x/y/z axis if you've 3 per radio.


9 replies

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Hello Ron !

Arranging these "toys" is a own science. For me, these antennas are everytime in the wrong position.
Using these small Omni antennas is for me not useful. Doing site survey with them, they have no better HF quality than the integrated antennas (sometimes worse than integrated antennas). We use APs with external antenna connectors only with directed or sector antennas (180/120/60 degrees) or in places where you cannot mount a AP (than with 3m cable and 360° Omni).

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I'll also prefer internal antennas. Never use this cheap rubber duck. It's like driving a Mercedes with Toyota tires.

For alignment, all antennas on a radio must point in the same direction and have the same pattern. Never mix antennas omni and direction or place antennas in different walkways.
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Hi Ron,

As a general rule, external dipole antennas should be installed in a linear, vertical orientation. Unless otherwise suggested on a site RF-site survey, as per the needs on a specific deployment.

Also, external AP antennas should be polarized in the same orientation. Cross polarizing transmitting and receiving antennas significantly reduces the RF range and potentially introduce wlan performance issues.

Hi you

Anten sector have 2 port V and H. Which port should I plug in?
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Vertical and Horizontal polarization. You can use booth. If you use it outdoor for Point to Point, make sure to use the same on booth sides.

On a very high scale you need to check how to work with your clients and what polarization the clients need. But this is a very high level for perfection the coverage.

Point to Point -> same on booth sides
AP to client -> booth or one
What happen if I plugged in Anten 5Ghz to port 2.4Ghz?
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You just get a very short distance.
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You just get a very short distance.This can also be bad for the radio. The antenna has to be matched to the frequency range the radio is transmitting on.
I use 3 antennas Omi 2.4 same time, Is there anything better?