AP Firmware Upgrade

  • 18 March 2018
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I am using AP 7522E. This firmware version is, i Want Upgrade to using tftp. Shall i upgrade or Not. I tried using this command, device-upgrade load-image ap7522 tftp://[i]/AP7522- but this status showing fail

where i did wrong?

4 replies

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To upgrade the AP using TFTP, please use the following syntax from the CLI after successful login:

enable [enter]
upgrade tftp://ip_tftp/file_name [enter] (include extension)

Once file has completed upload to AP:

reload [enter]

AP will boot into new image.

If AP is a virtual controller and you wish to have adopted APs upgrade from the VC. The command you provided is what you would use and the file gets placed into the flash:/upgrade directory.
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Attache one KCS article for the reference

How to upgrade a WiNG controller or AP from CLI

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device-upgrade load-image -> this load the image into the flash for distributing, not to updates this AP.

As Christopher write, use "upgrade ..."

But also check the FW. You write it's a AP7522E (Express) but the image name show no E (for WING image). You need to use the Express image.
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1 - Make sure you are using the correct image for the AP7522E. The file name used for this version is exactly the same as the one for the AP7522 so reverify.
2 - Make sure all the firewalls on the computer are off
3 - Run the following command:
(The file name is case sensitive. Don't leave out the file name extension)
upgrade tftp:///AP7522-