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Im UK based and have an RFS-4010 with 5 x AP6522's at trhe moment.

I'm struggling to find AP6522's that don't have a big order lead time

Can someone outline the main differences with:

AP7522 (i can get these next day)

Whats the newest compatible version of AP's that are RFS4010 compatible please?

Don't want to be stuck with EOL devices in 6 months...


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Hello Kris,

easy question - difficult explanation ...

The biggest difference between these is 802.11 standard used

AP6522 is an 802.11an AP with MIMO capability.
AP7522 is an 802.11ac AP with 2x2:2 MIMO capability

In short - AP7522 will offer much higher throughput speed comparing to AP6522

Check specification sheets for both for more.

AP6522 vs. AP7522

There is a lot more these APs differs at, but I believe this will be the decision maker for you.

For EOS dates, check our GTAC KB and look for article When is the "end of service" date for the AP650, AP6511, AP6x21 and AP6x22?

Imho - AP7522 will be better choice.

That's really useful, thanks Ondrej
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Kris, since you asked, "What is the newest...", I'll chime in and say that the 76xx series would be the 'newest' series of APs that are compatible with the RFS4000. I think you'll also find that they're less expensive than the 75xx APs...but I'd rather stay away from pricing as part of discussions here on the Hub.

Like the AP7522 and AP7532, there is also a AP7622 and AP7632. (All of these are wave-2 .11ac APs though)
But, the AP7622 is a little bit different beast. Explained in a minute.

If pricing is the ultimate decider here, go with the AP7622, but understand EXACTLY what you're dealing with. It's a *single* radio, dual-band AP. It's 'sharing' streams, so if you want to use both 2.4 and 5GHz simultaneously, each radio will be 1x1:1. If you only use either 2.4 or 5GHz, then it will be the full 2x2:2. The goal of this AP is to keep cost down.
(The 7632 is a full dual radio, 2x2:2 AP)

If possible, go with the AP7632 for better potential performance.
If pricing takes a back seat, and you need the best possible throughput, then go for the AP7532, then followed by the AP7522 or AP7632.
7532 is a dual radio 3x3:3 AP
7522 is a dual radio 2x2:2 AP
7632 is a dual radio 2x2:2 AP (with BLE radio)
7622 is a single radio but dual band capable AP (single band 2x2:2, or 1x1:1 dual band) with BLE radio)

The 76xx series will have a longer support life though since they're newer.

So to break it down by performance, from top to bottom it would be:
1) AP7532
2) AP7522/AP7632 (Both are dual-radio 2x2:2 - AP7632 has a BLE radio also...and is newer)
3) AP7622

If you want an AP that is going to have the longest support though, go with the 76xx series.
Hello Chris, is there already an EoL for the AP7522 ?
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You'd check it on the website....