AP's are not managing with virtual controller?

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We have 3 No's of AP 7632 which is running the firmware version with
But AP's are not managing with Virtual Controller and also I executed the cmd slave AP in CLI such as AP7632#controller adoption host [i].

Kindly help us to resolve the issue.

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Make sure that the VX9000 is on same firmware version as APs or vice versa.

Do you see them if you run CLI command 'show adoption status | i AP7632' ?
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  • Are they in the same broadcast domain?
  • Can they see each other (run command: >show mint neighbors)?
  • Are they going through a routed switch?
  • The layer 3 command for adoption, if you need it, is:
#controller host [i]
#com wr
#show context (for verification)
  • Are they all on the same firmware version?
  • Can they ping each other?
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One of the access points will act as a virtual controller, not VX9000.

I have executed the all the cmd which you mentioned

I can ping slave AP IP address from master AP

All ap's are same firmware
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They can ping each other but can they see each other at Mint level.

Run command: >show mint neighbors
Are they able to see each other?

On one of the APs check the mint Id (>show mint-id) then mint ping it from the VC:
#mint ping

Is it successful?

Have you tried rebooting the APs after the changes have been made?

You haven't told us if the APs are plugged into a routed (layer 3) or layer 2 switch.
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Did you designate one of the Aps as virtual controller? What is the config of VC?