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AP visibility to the controller

I configured my 1st 7522e as the controller. it doesn't see any of the other 7522e ap's I configured under the access points settings. What are the requirements for an AP to be visible to the controller?

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Do have the 'Controller Adoption' defined in the APs?
Please see page 10 of the pdf WiNG Express Version 5.8 - Documentation
I put the address of the controller AP on the AP's I want the controller to configure. I am not connected to my gateway router yet, I assumed they would discover over their wifi. Am I mistaken?
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By default, VC looks for APs over the LAN on the same broadcast domain but if you desire you can configure so it adopts via wifi when LAN is not available.You would need to configure mesh.
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If you add a controller host on the AP, the AP try to connect to this controller. A AP is a virtuell controller, not a controller.

You need to remove the controller setting on the other APs. The AP find and join automatically via L2 broadcast, if one AP is configured as virtuell controller.

I think this function is limited to L2!