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AP wall mount PN:30516 / WS-MBIWALL04

  • 5 April 2018
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Just in case someone is looking for a real photo of the wall mount option.

Funny fact: the mounting bracket has a serialnumber and comes with 1 year of warrenty :-)

- made out of plastic
- you'd break of the edges = if not you'd see them if the AP is mounted on the bracket

AP3915i install guide

1) fresh out of the box

2) ready to install

4 replies

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In GTAC we do not get to physically see the different ways to prep a AP mounting kit for install so this is very cool. Thanks for sharing!
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This is exactly what is missing in all the documentation for all (well most) APs. It would be a huge help for system integrators and installers to have this sort of info available (and easily to find) when spec'ing out a system.
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Thanks I didn't expected such interest in my post :-)

FYI, I've arranged the bracket the wrong way in the pictures, the correct installation would be turned 180 degrees.

The following material is also included.

Thank you for the comment and feedback, Ronald, Andrew, and Douglas. I handle the documentation for this product and I am working with our graphics artist to get the bracket image included in the install guide.