AP7522 enable Mesh, unavailable GUI

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Hi, all!

Trying configure Mesh with 2 * AP7522.

After enable Mesh, GUI on both AP's became unavailable.
ap7522(config-management-policy-default)#show context
management-policy default
no http server
https server

Also, after disable SSID:
ap7522-19DD9C#show running-config wlan WiNG\ Test
wlan "WiNG Test"
ssid "WiNG Test"
vlan 1
bridging-mode local
encryption-type ccmp
authentication-type none
no broadcast-ssid
no client-client-communication
no fast-bss-transition over-ds
wpa-wpa2 psk 0 123456789
use wlan-qos-policy "WiNG Test"
SSID still available.

Thank you!

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Hello Alexandr,

In regards to the first part of your question (mesh), so if you disable mesh do you have access to GUI on both APs? It's only when you enable mesh that you lose GUI access?

For the second part of your question add the following command to the WLAN:
#no answer-broadcast-probes

This should do it.

Thank you,