AP7532 Continual Configuration revision updates & adoption/unadoption issues

We are currently running a NX5500 Controller with Wing v5.8.4.0-34R on the primary and secondary boot partitions. Scattered across multiple locations in the US are AP7532s. One of the things I have noticed are our APs seemingly at random showing as offline on the controller. Looking at the APSelf Adoption History, I see multiple "Adopted/Un-Adopted" events with the adoption appearing to last approximately 20 minutes.

I have also noticed that on our APs, the secondary boot firmware version is set to the Originally I did this on purpose in case the new firmware had issues and we could rollback to the primary boot firmware, but now I think we are ok to switch everything over to the same Firmware version. I tried to do this, but when I told the AP to boot on the primary boot partition, it went to upgrade the firmware and appeared to be operating normally. One thing i did notice was it did not recognize the Secondary boot firmware, and when it restarted after the upgrade, the Primary firmware was listed as 5.8.2 and the secondary firmware was listed as 5.8.4. I take it this means the Primary boot partition was not updated properly? I'm also unsure if this has anything to do with our Adoption/Un-Adoption issues.
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Trevor Bensen

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This usually means you have either config or network problem or both. It's hard to say without looking at tech dump for the controller and AP. Fastest way to resolve it is by calling in support.
Hi Trevor,

sounds like an Mint MTU Size issue to me.

Try to find out the max. possible mtu size.

Log in the nx controller and try to ping aps in different locations with a defined mtu size and the dont-fragment flag set.

Lower the mtu size if ping is lost.

When found out the mtu size that works, configure this as mint mtu size.