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AP7532 - Staging MU

  • 9 July 2019
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I want to setup a DHCP server on an AP7532 and deploy it to just 1 wifi network in a production area for MU's

So the AP will have a static IP address which is on an ADSL router, but I would like the DHCP server on the AP to be in a different range provided by the AP ( wlan DHCP )

example :

Wifi clients get a 10.10.10.x / 24

the default GW needs to map to a 192.168.x.x/24

I can do this in two way either on the RFS7k and pipe the new wlan out on the same vlan as the adsl router then assign the DHCP server to the wlan, or set it as a stand alone AP connected to the ADSL router

The bit I'm not sure about ( apart from most of it ) if I set the wifi DHCP to the 10.x.x.x/24 range is there a way for the clients to get a GW of - but the the real GW is 192.168.x.x

Not sure if this makes any sense, I sure there will be a guide somewhere

Best answer by Phil storey 10 July 2019, 15:44

Hi Chris
thankyou for the additional information, I will review and try .

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6 replies

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Not sure if this will help much, but this is what I have home. Environment is quite similar, there is a router/DG with whatever IP address range assigned and serving DHCP to any device connected there. AP is connected on GE1 to it having vlan 1 with IP assigned by the router through DHCP. Then I have different vlans mapped for different WLANs, with the AP running as a DHCP server for those vlans. The magic behind all working is, natting through VLAN 1 out all the vlans I have mapped, giving different DG for each vlan. Easy to configure and works like a charm.
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the router is nothing special, The AP would be connected to the router directly.

If I do it via the RFS7k then the wlan would be mapped to a vlan, but i dont want to mess with two other wlans that use the same vlan
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Hello Phil,

Maybe Natting is what you're looking for. I've attached a couple of docs with instructions.

Thank you,

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Hi Chris
thankyou for the documents, I'm assuming that the Doc Natting VX would be apply to the RFS7K ?

The current setup is the RFS is set as tunnelled, there are two Virtual adapters setup Vlan 1 and Vlan 10

Vlan 1 is the Corp and Vlan 10 is the Guest, on the network switch the port the RFS connects to is a trunk port with VLAN 1& 10 allowed, The adsl is on another port as VLAN10, then the WLAN's are mapping to the relevant VLAN's
As VLAN 1 is working fine, do I still need to define VLAN 1 with the NAT direction as inside ?

The Guest WLAN is on VLAN 10,

Can I add additional WLAN, and do the natting and DHCP bit for the additional WLANS but point them at VLAN 10, so they would have different DHCP and firewall rules ?
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Hello Phil,

Yes the setting should work on the RFS7K

1 - Vlan 1 is Corp
2 - Vlan 10 is Guest
3 - Vlan 1 and 10 allowed through ge trunk port and on switch they are connected to
4 - Vlan 1 nat direction outside
5 - Vlan 10 nat direction inside
6 - Create DHCP policy for VLAN 10
7 - Enable DHCP policy
8 - Create NAT ACL
9 - Create NAT
10 - if you want to prevent users from getting to corp resources create acl for same

Here's an older how to guide should you require more info.

I hope this helps.

If you're still having trouble getting it to work please contact GTAC and open a case, further analysis may be required.

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Hi Chris
thankyou for the additional information, I will review and try .