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AP7562 can not ping to the gateway

Hi you

I have Ap7562 with ip I can't ping from AP to gateway but can ping to orther client nomal (ex: Client other network layer can't ping to AP although I do not use vlan.

Can you help me 😞

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I suggest to check ARP table on Your A7562. Ensure it has record and is right MAC address.
If not, clear ARP table. If it still not help try to send "gratious arp" from device.
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Hi Tuan - If you think of the AP as another network device you would use the same step as you would if you could not reach a printer or server.

Confirm the network configuration on the AP. Is the GE1 Port configured to match the configuration on the network switch. confirm the mask is correct. Have you defined a DEFAULT Route
Thanks for help

I plug everything right, I change AP7562 with AP7161 is normal. Config 2 AP I do the same. I was reset default configuration but still not ok 😞
Hi you

I just change AP7562 to orther network with IP then AP ping working ok