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AP7632 - Feedback about WiNG Version - Great work!!

  • 22 February 2019
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I would like to pass some feedback regarding version with AP7632.

We were using version because of the mix of legacy / fat APs

Before we upgraded to this version, with the AP7632 it was common:

- Crashlog in several APs;
- Users dissatisfied, demanding connection drops;
- Users complaining that the previous antenna was much better;
- APs stop working;
- Various instabilities;

After the update

- Crashlogs no longer exist
- Users are not complaining;
- Reliable / stable connection;
- The APs are not restarting / stopping.

There was a considerable gain in the stability of APs, especially with the ap7XXXX mix.

The problem I'm having right now is with Zebra / Motorola collectors (MC55/MC65). They are cases in isolated sites, but not generalized. I think it's something related to the "Fusion Driver". I need to analyze it better.

Congratulations to the developers who wrote this version and fixed many errors in this line of APs.

I tested this version on both the VX9000 and the RFS 4000 (last site). Working perfectly. I recommend anyone who has this AP model, update immediately (if you do not have legacy AP)

1 reply

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It's always nice to see positive comments here on The Hub! Thanks for sharing your feedback, Richard!