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AP7632 vs AP650 - NSight 2.4 Ghz Graphs

  • 11 January 2019
  • 6 replies

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Hello community,

I changed my ap park on site from ap650 to ap7632. This correct?

Number of channel utilization on 2.4 Ghz decrease w/ new AP.

My WiNG Version is


6 replies

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WiNG solves this problem on NSight Graphs.

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Only this for swap... 😁

Thanks for Support, Extreme!

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Hi Robert!

I setup 5 sites with ap7632 (version Many issues (drop connections) observed here.

ap650/7532/7522 w/ operated very stable on vx9000. is best version for ap7632? I can post feedback here after update.
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AP hardware acts differently so the graph maybe ok. Are you experiencing any client connectivity issues?

Ideally you should be on and above, but until you phase all the AP650s your stuck.
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My limitation on this case is I'm swap new APs 7632, but on 10 sites are running w/ AP650.
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Did you upgrade firmware at same time you put in the new APs?