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APs are not obtain default IP (169.255.x.x)

  • 3 October 2019
  • 1 reply

Hi all ,

My WLC is RFS-6000 firmware 8.4.0
All APs models adoption to WLC by VLAN and didn't any DHCP server.

Follow the pics AP650 primary IP is
Why APs didn't show default IP 169.254.x.x / 16 ( manufactory )

On AP status

On Configuration-> Proflie -> Vlan Interface

Configuration-> Proflie -> Vlan Interface -> IPv4

1 reply

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The APs didn't get a DHCP lease because they are not configured to get a DHCP IP address.
In the 3rd screenshot, look at the checkbox labeled "Use DHCP to Obtain IP". That checkbox needs to be checked.