Automatically Changed the AP Time

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Hi Guys,

I am using AP7522E, Frimware is I configured country is India-In & Time Zone is Asia/Calculta. after some time automatically changed date & Time.

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Hi Saravanamurthy,

Did you set ntp?For setting, login CLI > enable > configure > self or profile XXX
ntp server {autokey|key|maxpoll|minpoll|prefer|version}
ntp server {autokey}
ntp server {maxpoll [1024|2048|4096|8192]}
ntp server {minpoll [1024|128|256|512|64]}
ntp server {key <1-65534> md5 [0 |2|]}
ntp server {prefer version <1-4>|version <1-4> prefer}
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Additionally, ntp server info:
Of course able to set simply
ntp server

as well.
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Configuration commands are not allowed in WiNG Express
this needs to be done via GUI. See below screenshot.