Best way to get client count per AP / radio (SNMP?)

  • 11 June 2020
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I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction to get the amount of connected clients per ap or radio.  I’m assuming SNMP would be a valid way of doing this.  I’ve been poking around the WING-MIB file and haven’t had any luck yet.  Our environment is a handful of NX9500, NX9600 and Nsight.  

There are thousands of APs in the network.

Any thoughts?




4 replies

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can you use the GUI  Statistics / rfdomain / radios or wireless clients

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Hey Phil, thanks for the suggestion!  We’re looking to poll this regularly via a script to ingest it into another analytics system.  I imagine we could write an expect script or something that logs into the controller and parses the output of the CLI every minute or so.  I thought a cleaner way might be to use SNMP using like snmpbulkget or bulkwalk against these OIDS:



But it takes ridiculously long or times out.  Someone suggested using the cli which may align with your suggestion so it looks like we may need to investigate that alternative...

I’m abandoning SNMP.  I think the CLI its the way to go.


Follow up question- is there a way to run this command against all the rf-domains at once?  Or against everything...

show wireless ap detail on station_408_rf_domain | grep -e Name -e clients