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Block SNMP traffic for Wing 7562

  • 23 September 2019
  • 4 replies

We have a need to disable the snmp traffic for our MineStar fleet and Cat is telling us to disable/block this from the ap side. Does anyone know how to do this?

4 replies

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You need to disable the snmp on the management policy.

#no snmp-server manager ?
all Disable SNMP version v1,v2 and v3
v1 Disable SNMP version v1
v2 Disable SNMP version v2
v3 Disable SNMP version v3

Sorry for my ignorance... Is this run from the controller or from the ap we want to disable?
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It depends how you have it configured, if you have the APs and the controller sharing the same management policy and you want to specifically disable the snmp for that AP model, and not the other devices on the network, the easiest is to replicate the same management policy with different name, disable the snmp as per previous comment, and apply that to that AP profile, configured on the controller. If you want to disable all devices you are good to go to disable that on the general management policy.
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Brian, Daniel is correct if the request is to disable the SNMP service that is possibly operating on the APs and/or the controller.
But, if the request is simply to block all SNMP traffic that might be passing through the APs, then an ACL will need to be created and applied to the AP Profile.