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C5/B5/A4-Series f/w IGMPSnooping Granularity Changes

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C5-Series, firmware and higher
B5-Series, firmware and higher
A4-Series, firmware and higher

Configured IGMP Snooping, including non-default timer values for groupmembershipinterval, maxresponse, and/or mcrtexpiretime.
Then upgraded to firmware or higher.

The few displayed ('show support', 'show config igmp') IGMP Snooping commands are now much more numerous, each containing a single system port reference.

These three of the existing IGMP Snooping commands previously had a global effect only, but now may optionally include a port string:
set igmpsnooping groupmembershipinterval
<2 - 3600> Enter 2 to 3600 seconds [default 260 seconds]

set igmpsnooping maxresponse
<1 - 25> Enter 1 to 25 seconds [default 10 seconds]

set igmpsnooping mcrtexpiretime
<0 - 3600> Enter 0 to 3600 seconds [default 0 seconds][/code]One effect of this change is that any such issued non-default command always appears as port-specific in the configuration. Issued global-level overrides are carried to each of the system's ports, and issued port-level overrides are carried to only the referenced ports. Thus, upon upgrade a previously existing (for example) 'set igmpsnooping groupmembershipinterval 300' command would change the visible configuration
set igmpsnooping groupmembershipinterval 300

set igmpsnooping groupmembershipinterval 300 ge.1.1

. . .

set igmpsnooping groupmembershipinterval 300 lag.0.6

Moving forward, the command syntax change increases the flexibility of this command set while retaining the option of continuing to use only the same global level command format. When setting or clearing any of these three timers simply include or omit the port parameter, as desired.

Functions as Designed (FAD).
This change is related to the new L2 Querier feature which provides enhanced multicast functionality.

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