Can't enable VDC on AP7612 WiNG 7.3.0

  • 3 May 2020
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I can't enable VDC on AP7612. When trying to create an anyap profile auto-completion doesn’t show the auto option:

ap7612-XXXXXX(config-profile-PROFILE-01)#virtual-controller ?


Same in the “self” context.

Current software version:

ap7612-FBCAA8#show ver

AP7612 version

I think it should be possible due to: WiNG_7.3.0_Controller_Access_Point_CLI_Reference_Guide

As it says:


Am I missing something?

2 replies

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What do you mean by “I can't enable VDC on AP7612“?

Are you trying to turn the AP7612 into a Virtual Controller?  


See below kb articles: 

How to turn a WiNG AP into a virtual controller

Can a WiNG virtual controller adopt different model (heterogeneous) as well as Express APs?

How to create Virtual Controller redundancy? 

Hello Robert

I meant DVC - dynamic virtual controller. Sorry about that.

I want to implement virtual controller redundancy in AP7612 environment. However I can’t configure virtual-controller auto as well as set management IP address since I don’t have this option in the profile context. All I can do is virtual-controller.

According to the CLI reference guide for WiNG 7.3.0 AP7612 should support this functionality.

My unsuccessful attempts to configure Dynamic Virtual Controller