Can VX WiNG 7.3.x be used for management of WiNG 5.9.1.x sites?

  • 16 April 2020
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I have a NX7510 cluster running at with AP6532 and AP6522. Legacy APs...

Also we have a VX9000 cluster for the management of many sites with 5.9.4 (because of AP6522) and also 7.3 for the new ones.

Is it supported to manage the NX7510 with 5.9.1 cluster to the VX cluster running at 7.3? Or what is the minimum supported version? Are there any other step in configuration I have to care about?
I also have adopted 5.8.x and upgraded to 5.9.4 without any trouble on the VX @ 7.3

Just found this: Can Wing 7.x controller adopt Wing APs with 5.x firmware version?


Thank you!

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