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Can Wing 5.9.2 be installed on a AP 650?

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AP622 have image built-in on RFS4000 image, but AP650 no.

I will go to upgrade to AP7632, but i have amount of ap650 in my network.

Is possible get image for ap650 with GTACK? Thanks.

RFS4000-1#show device-upgrade versions

RFS4000-1 ap621 none
RFS4000-1 ap622
RFS4000-1 ap650 none
RFS4000-1 ap6511 none
RFS4000-1 ap6521 none
RFS4000-1 ap6522
RFS4000-1 ap6532 none
RFS4000-1 ap6562
RFS4000-1 ap71xx none
RFS4000-1 ap7502 none
RFS4000-1 ap7522
RFS4000-1 ap7532
RFS4000-1 ap7562
RFS4000-1 ap7602 none
RFS4000-1 ap7612 none
RFS4000-1 ap7622 none
RFS4000-1 ap7632
RFS4000-1 ap7662
RFS4000-1 ap81xx none
RFS4000-1 ap82xx none
RFS4000-1 ap8432 none
RFS4000-1 ap8533 none
RFS4000-1 rfs4000 none
RFS4000-2 ap621 none
RFS4000-2 ap622
RFS4000-2 ap650 none
RFS4000-2 ap6511 none
RFS4000-2 ap6521 none
RFS4000-2 ap6522
RFS4000-2 ap6532 none
RFS4000-2 ap6562
RFS4000-2 ap71xx none
RFS4000-2 ap7502 none
RFS4000-2 ap7522
RFS4000-2 ap7532
RFS4000-2 ap7562
RFS4000-2 ap7602 none
RFS4000-2 ap7612 none
RFS4000-2 ap7622 none
RFS4000-2 ap7632
RFS4000-2 ap7662
RFS4000-2 ap81xx none
RFS4000-2 ap82xx none
RFS4000-2 ap8432 none
RFS4000-2 ap8533 none
RFS4000-2 rfs4000 none

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Hello Richard,

AP650s are not supported in per release notes:

3. Platforms Supported

This release applies to all platforms released with WiNG


Dependent AP platforms: AP 621, 622, 650 are EOL and engineering support has ended.

Independent AP platforms: AP 6511, AP 6511E, AP 6521, AP 6532, AP 7131, AP 7181, AP 8122, AP 8132, AP8222, AP 8232, ES 6510 are EOL and engineering support has ended.Controller platforms: RFS 4011, RFS 6000, RFS 7000, NX 9000, NX 45XX and NX 65XX platforms are EOL andengineering has ended.

Thank you,