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Can Wing 5.9.2 be installed on a AP 7131

Can the latest version of WING 5.9.2 be installed on an AP7131 even though it is not supported?

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No. There is no support for the AP7131 in 5.9.2
Thank you very much for the response. That answers my question.
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Release notes for 5.9.2 for your perusal:
Thank you. I did read that the Ap7131 was not supported but wanted to still confirm it will not work.
I appreciate the feedback.
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Hello Kevin,

The last supported firmware for the AP7131 is WiNG 5.8.6.
Thank you.

There is ap7161 image included in (latest) and suitable for whole 71xx platform portfolio. Including ap7131. I was discovered that 71xx platform perfectly support even latest locationing features while running relevant 5.9.x.

Please note that running 5.9.x on 7131 is technically possible but not supported.