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Can WiNG AP-6521 adopt with WiNG AP 7522?

  • 22 May 2019
  • 2 replies

We have four no' of WiNG AP-6521 among these AP one of them is acting as a Virtual controller. Now, we are going to add up two more WiNG AP 7522 with WiNG AP-6521

WiNG AP 7522 can adopt with WiNG AP 6521

Kindly let us know

2 replies

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Hi Prabhu,

AFAIR WiNG version 5.9.1 introduced heterogenous AP management for VC, but only certain models have been enumerated: AP8533, AP8432, AP7632, AP7662, AP7612, AP7622, AP7602, AP7532, AP7522, AP7562. There is some hierarchy of their ability to manage different models (it's not the way that any could manage any).
I couldn't find confirmation that 6521s can participate in heterogenous VC deployment at all up to date. I think Extreme might give some info if they are willing to introduce that feature to other models supported in 5.9.x release train.

Hope that helps,
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The following AP models can be deployed in a heterogenous AP VC scenario:
  • AP 8533
  • AP 8432
  • AP 7632/AP 7662/AP 7612
  • AP 7622/AP7602
  • AP 7532/AP 7522/AP 7562
Following are the supported adoption hierarchies:
  • AP 7662/7632 can adopt AP 7662/7632/7612
  • AP 8533/8432 can adopt AP 8533/8432/7562/7532/7522/7662/7632/7622/7612/7602
  • AP 7532/7562 can adopt AP7532/AP7562/AP7522
  • AP 7532/7562/7522 can be managed by AP8533/AP8432 but not by AP7632/AP7662
  1. In WiNG 5.9.2.x, Express APs are converted to Enterprise APs and as such can be included in the above same family adoption hierarchy; however, it is important to note that an upgraded ExpressVirtual Controller will NOT be able to adopt Non-Express APs. So an Express AP 7522E Virtual Controller on 5.9.2.x will not be able to adopt and manage Non-Express AP7522 APs, but on the contrary, a Non-Express AP 7522 Virtual Controller will be able to adopt and manage upgraded Express AP 7522E APs.
AP 7522i VC can adopt AP 7522E APs
AP 7522E VC cannot adopt AP 7522i APs.
  1. Starting in WiNG an Express AP virtual controller will be able to adopt Non-Express Enterprise APs, of course following the supported adoption hierarchies listed above.
AP 7522i VC can adopt AP 7522E APs
AP 7522E VC can adopt AP 7522i APs

Related article: WiNG Express virtual controller not adopting non-express APs

  • Image upload capability will only be enabled on the AP that is elected as VC
  • VC can manage up to 64 APs
  • AP65xx APs do not support heterogeneous AP adoption and management.