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Cannot create case in order to download WING 5.9 firmware

  • 9 August 2017
  • 3 replies

I'm looking to upgrade the firmware on our AP6532 access points. I see that WING 5.9 is available, but I have to create a case in order to get it. When I create a case I get a 404 error and cannot proceed. Can someone help me out?

3 replies

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Feel free to call the support team to open a case.
For the support toll-free number in your country: https:///www.extremenetworks.com/support/
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Hi Josh,

You can contact our support TAC by phone as Rob mentioned. We can assist with creating your company's profile and generating a support case for your firmware download request.

Once your profile is in our database you will be able to request support cases online.
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This 404 during case creation issue is usually caused by the user's log-in for the Extreme Portal not being associated to a proper account/company record in our system. In most cases we will correct this issue within a few hours of account creation without any action on your part. If you do not have any urgent issue, please give us a few hours before reporting the No Account Association issue to portal@extremenetworks.com and it may be fixed. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working to improve this process.