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Captive portal Image issue

Please help!!

I cannot get the image to load on the Banner for the captive portal! I use the directory

/hotspot/Banner.png for the image

when i preview it or access the guest portal It knows there is an image to load but its doesn't load!

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You need to upload it to flash:/hotspot/ and configure just the name of the image.
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In you Captive portal configuration, are you configured to host the CP on the AP or Controller.

Are you using the Standard pages or have you created your own or are they hosted on a remote server.

Your best bet is to open a case with GTAC
Thanks all, I have managed to get the image to load up ok, but now if i go to a remote site and check the captive portal all works, but the image doesn't load up, I guess its because the file isn't on the APs flash, please can some explain how to enable the auto upload process of the image or needed files for the aps which require the captive portal.

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You need to use the right way to upload the files. Don't use the copy command.

Use from CLI:
captive-portal-page-upload load-file
Thanks, so if i have 100 sites, and 10 access point at each site i would need to manually execute this command 1,000 times?
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No, you upload it do the central control via this way and it's automatically copied to the AP, if you configure the captive portal to a AP or Site.

Other way is to use a external website. Maybe at a scale like this a better solution.

Is there any documentation about the image requirements like size or type .png,.jpg,.gif)?

Thank you.