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CLI to see connected clients in real time?

  • 11 October 2017
  • 9 replies

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Does anyone know if there is a command line to monitor and/or see which clients are connected to a particular WLAN?

This is for Wing v8.5 on a VX9000 controller.


9 replies

Hi Jacob,

Can you try "show wireless client filter wlan

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Hello Jacob,

You have the following one:

show wireless client filter wlan yourWLANname

I think this is what you are looking for, if not, let us know. Have a nice day!

Kind regards,

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You can also use...
show wireless client on |include

if single domain on controller...
show wireless client |include
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Hey Jacob,

apart of above mentioned, please bear in mind that what these commands show is aggregated statistic for particular RF-Domain.
When you trigger the command it does show current status - as seen from controller side.

In complex, structured network it might take a certain period of time until you see the wireless client connected / disconnected, because of time needed by local manager to share report with remote adopter.

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Would it be more helpful to log into a specific AP to run this command?
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Hello Jacob,

You can see the clients connected to an specific adopted AP with the following command:

show wireless client on apNAME | include wlanName

By grepping the result as on other recommended comment you will filter for a specific WLAN. So it is not necessary to log directly on the AP you want to see the clients connected.

Kind regards,


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Yes. You can also run these commands on the AP. IT will show just those clients on that particular AP. Same filters apply. Good filter(s) to use are

show wireless client |include
show wireless client |exclude

the |include or |exclude work for most show command to help reduce what you list out or need to see when you have many clients, AP.....
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Thanks for the help guys, these commands worked great!
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Thank your for all of nice posts. WiNG CLI is really the powerful tool 🙂.