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Clients Can Not Access The Internet After SSID Change

  • 30 August 2019
  • 9 replies

We have the RFS4000 FPGA Ver 2.8. We recently changed the Guest Network SSID and now clients can not get out to the Internet. We get assigned all of the correct IP credentials, but we can not go out to the Internet after the change.

9 replies

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Is this a captive portal (CP) guest network? If so, the wireless clients will always obtain DHCP prior to authentication. Are you using on-board radius for authentication? If so, under Configuration/Services/Radius/Groups, there is an option to enter the WLAN SSID. You might want to check this setting.

Changing the WLAN SSID on an existing WLAN should not prohibit Internet access if the all the other settings have been untouched.

If under entitlement/contract, might be quicker to get a support case generated and we can review your configuration.
We are not using Captive Portal. I am attaching screen shots of the wireless config

We get all of the correct IP information and can ping the default gateway...we just can't go out past it out to the Internet.
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What you have provided looks valid. The WLAN is tunneled, so all traffic will traverse through the RFS (inbound/outbound). If DHCP server is external and wireless clients are obtaining valid DHCP, you will need to investigate the router.

Strongly advise getting a support case generated if under contract to better assist you and for quicker resolution.
It appears that the clients now are not getting DHCP addresses. This is too weird. What would stop the clients from obtaining DHCP?
How can we ensure that the RFS400 is handing out DHCP addresses to the clients?
Where can you find the client DHCP config?
Too weird. Now it's giving me DHCP,,,but now can't get out. I am going to restart the unit.
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Bridging mode is configured as "tunnel". Does this config match with your NW diagram? if traffic should go directly to GW AP, this config should be "local".
"tunnel" is used when traffic must path through from AP to RFS4000.