• 31 March 2020
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Hello, is there any compatibility issues between the models below?Can they work in controller/adopted mode?Thank you

Zebra AP-7622-68B30-EU

Zebra AP-7622-68B30-WR

Zebra  AP-7622-68B30-1-WR

2 replies

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Hello Andrei,


As of WiNG 5.9, EU country codes were added to APs with WR SKUs. So as of 5.9 you are able to deploy WR APs in Europe. A mix of EU and WR SKU APs can be deployed at the same site and managed by the same controller as long as they are all on the same firmware version (We recommend upgrading to the  the latest supported 5.9.x version for these APs). 


Here’s more info on this:


I hope this helps,



Perfect, thank you very much!