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conexion wireless wingOS

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I have a "strange" question.

Is there an option from the client side to generate a random and unique user at the time of starting the wi-fi connection with a certain connection time only for that user?


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you mean, if a client connect, it should create it own user and have access for x hours?

For this case you can work with a captive portal and a self registration.
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Hi Timo.
okay. it is understood.

but in this case we want to launch the wifi connection only through a mobile app. the wifi would be hidden and the connection data would be sent through the app without user intervention in a hidden way.

a very particular request
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Official not possible today. I have some ideas, what you can do, to solve this. But it's not an easy to description way. You need to work with an external software and workarounds.
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hi Timo
I am testing with a wifi without publishing the ssid with eap authentication by radius and pass these parameters through the mobile app hidden for the user. I am trying to set a session time for the user but it does not work for me. set it in services / radius / groups by ticking the "Session Time" box and assigning a time, but this does not disconnect the clients

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what end device, android? Maybe easier. You use the internal AAA server?

For group, session time: Session Time in Minutes. client gets access for this amount of time on successful authentication, then the session will be removed

access-duration you can configure for user.

You need to check the use of this value. Is it a time to configure from first login to quit. Or is it a time during that the user is valid.

If you configure a user valid for 1 hour and he login after 50 minutes, the session is alive over this one hour maybe.

If you use session time, the value is valid after each authentication. If the client don't support fast roaming, session time maybe start after each roam.
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yes, the final devices are android and i am using internal aaa server with radius authentication onboard-controller. I have created a user that will use many devices. I have marked the option session time with 6 minutes but users are not de-authenticated in this time