Configuring a Landing page on a IdentiFi V2110 controller as replacement for a WM3600 controller

  • 24 August 2015
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Dear All

I’m working on a Identify installation to replace a old Extreme WM wlan installation.

Al is working fine but I have problems to configure a landing page, can you help me?

On the OLD Extreme WM3600 controllers ( Motorola based ) is the captive portal configured as showed in the screen shots below

Vlan 480 is a bridged on AP

Do you have a example to configure this, or can you help me to configure the captive portal with the information as show in the screenshots?

Thank you

Rien van Maurik

5 replies

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Hi Rien,

here a link to a document that I've wrote which explains every step...

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Do you need any further assistance setting up the captive portal page?


Hello Doug

The information Ron has send help me a bit but not complete.

My problem is still how to translete this WM3600 based captive portal to the Identify base captive portal?

In the Identify manual or in the example Ron send I don't find a example to configure a extrenal hosted captive portal liked I did with the WM3600 solution.

Do you have one?

greetings Rien
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Take a look at the following guide to see if it helps get your questions answered for external captive portal support:
(requires extranet login)
Hello Doug

I will study the config file

Thank you so far

gr Rien