configuring wm20 wireless controller for WAN enviorment

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I need to user WM20 wireless controller to connect WAP through WAN environment.So i need to publish WM20 across my firewalls.How does the communication starts and what ports shall be opened across the firewalls.

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The AP to Controller registration happens on UDP 13907. Once the registration completes the AP data tunnel is formed on UDP 13910. You will also need to open UDP/TCP 69 which will allow the ap to be upgraded. If you need anything further please reference the user guide found at the following link:

Search under the heading: "Protocols used in the Summit WM20 Controller"

Thanks for the reply, Actually I have a scenario where the AP at small branch office need to communicate with Wireless controller placed at Head office through WAN network. I believe the Wireless controller will be natted across the firewall so that branch office can use the wireless network. Can you please share any brief steps or any document which illustrates the setup. The branch office doesn't have any DHCP server as IPs are statically provided.
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I would suggest you look at updating your current wireless solution. I would consult with your Extreme Sales Representative or Extreme Partner to see what options you have. With the current code/product set you are using I would not suggest a WAN deployment because you do not have the ability to securely encrypt all the data traffic across the WAN link.

New code/product will give you the ability to...

-Encrypt user and management data via ipsec
-"Sites" mode support - AP's do not have to be tethered to a controller in order to maintain constant wireless service
-Locally authenticate users at a remote site location versus tunneling

please the APs failed to register to controler through wan connection no firewall
if there any config to controller to access point in the remote site through wan connection