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Connection limit for wireless clients

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I have a VX9000 controller.

How can I set a session time for wireless clients connected via radius authentication?

After this time, clients should be de-authenticated


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You'd set the reauthentication in > Configuration > Wirelss > WLAN_XYZ > Security > Select Authentication > Reauthentication

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Hi Ronald

I have tried this option but the clients do not disconnect or their device remembers the credentials and reconnects automatically.
I need an option that disconnects the client and the client has to re-enter the radius credentials to reconnect again.

The most similar option I have found is through captive portal with radius authentication with guest users with access duration time. After this time, the client is disconnected and to reconnect the client have to enter username and password in the captive portal again.

I need an option like this but without going through the captive portal.

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As you've mentioned the issue is that the client-device stores the username/pw and that is the reason the user doesn't need re-enter the credentials.

There is nothing that you'd do on the WLAN infrastructure to change that behavior because it's a client-device function.

Could you please explain in more detail what the issue is...
- what are you trying to solve/do
- why do you don't like the current behavior
... might be that this gives us a better unterstanding of the problem and we'd find a solution.
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I am trying to design a scenario in which the client can only connect to the Wi-Fi network through a mobile application. This application carries the radio credentials for the connection. The wifi is hidden.

The final goal is that the client can only connect to the wifi through the application. That the device does not remember the credentials so that it does not connect automatically without going through the application.

But according to what you mention in the last post it must be the mobile app that sends the order to the device to eliminate the info of the saved connection. Through some disconnection button or when detecting a disconnection event.