Determining WiNG firmware version

We have a VX9000 with Wing 5.8 and have a problem not seeing one of the AP's in the dashboard on the controller. I noticed that the AP is having a primary firmware version of 5.8.4 and a secondary version of 5.8.5. All other AP's have 5.8.5 as primary and secondary. Can this cause any issues?

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All WING devices have two partitions for loading firmware One is Primary and the other is secondary. This is not relevant to which firmware is booted. you set the image you want to boot.

If you can't see the AP, confirm the AP is adopted and in the correct RF Domain.
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Hi Henry, to add to what Andy mentioned above you can access the CLI via 'SSH' to the controller or AP and run the CLI command 'show adoption status' to verify adoption.
Sorry I should have mentioned that I do see it's booted with the right version and I do see the right version when I run sh adoption status. The AP is just not listed along with the others in the dashboard. not sure if that's something I can safely ignore or if that means there's something wrong with it.
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Hello Henry,
If the AP itself is showing successful adoption to the VX from the AP CLI "show adoption status", then issue could be with the rf-domain for this AP. Is this AP remote or local to the wireless controller? If remote, does the AP rf-domain have control vlan enabled and defined with correct VLAN (remote site VLAN AP is using to get out)? Are APs adopting over L2 or L3? If remote, are APs configured for MiNT L2?

If issue is still persistent, it may be best to get a support case open with us in order that we can review the configs.